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BOK Beauty Fragrance (Oil Roller)

BOK Beauty Fragrance (Oil Roller)

$8.00 Precio
$5.00Precio de oferta

BOK Beauty Essential Oil Roller Fragrances are simply made by nature. Always Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly. All bottles are 10ml thick glass.


#1 Drunk N' Luv -a delightful blend of fresh and exotic gardenia notes from the tropics and the far East infused with grapeseed oil for overall skin health. 10ml


#2 Just Got Paid -scent of water essence Lotus Jasmine with soft notes of sandalwood, infused with avocado oil for overall skin health. 10ml


#3 Don't Be Cruel -sweet and yummy aroma of wild berries and tropical scents, infused with Wild Jasmine and Coconut oils for overall skin health. 10ml


#4 Remember The Time -mouth watering scent of fruity notes of raspberry, melon and a touch of vanilla infused with Egyptian amber for a rich blend. 10ml


#5 Velvet Rope -seductive smooth aroma of combined extracts from Water Lillies, Fresh Cut Violets and subtle hint of Rose. 10ml

  • Care Instruction

    Shake well before every use for best results. 

    *Nut Allergy Alert -Egyptian Amber contains Tree Nuts.

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