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Self-publishing offers several benefits for authors. Some key advantages consist of creative control, speed and flexibility, higher royalties, direct relationship with readers, long-term availability, creative exploration as well as endless possibilities for learning and growth but it’s important to note that self-publishing also comes with challenges, such as the need to handle all aspects of the publishing process and the responsibility of marketing and promoting the book. However, for authors who are willing to take on these tasks, self-publishing offers numerous benefits and opportunities for success.


At Master Expressions Publications, we understand the journey of self-publishing and the challenges it entails. That's why we offer the "Freedom To Print" authors self-publishing packages. Our services are designed to assist writers like you throughout the self-publication process. With our support, your book can be ready for sale in no time. We are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of self-publishing and achieve your publishing goals.

  • Return Policy

    No Refund or Exchange for this service is permitted. Satisfaction is our promise, please contact your ME Represenative for assistance.

  • Contact and Services

    By accepting service you permit Master Expressions Publications or its affiliates to contact you for the duration of publishing service and thereafter. Contact may consist of but is not limited to phone calls, text messaging, email and postal delivery services. 

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