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What's A Homie

What's A Homie

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What's A Homie

written by: Sxnbad

Genre: Crime/Street Urban Fiction

Release Date: August 5, 2022




Each with complications from childhood, five teenagers become united through a notorious street gang. Through their deep affiliation the members are set up for losses as they come face to face with the harsh realities and consequences of gang life. Will the teens remain close through their trial and tribulations that involve sex, pimping, money, murder and drugs; or will temptation be the cause of division amongst the crew when loyalties are questioned as they engage in violent retaliation against rival hoods causing near death experiences for some and fatalities for others, all while remaining systematically influenced by street conduct and sticking to the G-code. Come along for a ride through the streets of Los Angeles as these five individuals become intertwined within the overwhelming lifestyle of California’s gangland.




“I lost my grandmother at 17 to death.

I lost my mother at 17 to drugs

and that was my drive for me to

never lose myself at any age.”

- Author Sxnbad


A Los Angeles native, who became a product of the streets at the mere age of fifteen enhanced her chances for survival as a hustler of many trades eventually transforming into a gang member belonging to the Rollin 90’s neighborhood Crip. In and out of Juvenile Halls and Camps, she graduated to the County Jail where she continued the “in and out'' pattern, ultimately landing her in a California Women’s State Prison sentenced to six years. During her incarceration, Sxnbad maintained her gang principles at the sametime maturing mentally. After being stabbed in the eye and almost losing sight, she took a step back to reanalyze her life; not wanting to live up to the stereotype of “just another gang banger that didn’t amount to anything”, instead choosing to change the dynamics of history concluding the facts that she refused to be handicap or incapable of becoming successful and wanting to live in order to leave an honorable legacy similar to that of Nipsey Hussle (RIP); thus far being a gang banger who applied their knowledge further than their struggle. Talented and creative, Sxnbad enjoys sharing her passion and lucrative thoughts with others through multi avenues such as rapping, drawing and now Urban fiction as she hopes to shine light on real life experiences to educate mankind on the trials and tribulations of America’s urban culture that you can't “Google” and no one wants to really talk about. Furthermore, making her debut onto the literary scene with her very first fictional novel “What’s A Homie”.

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