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Definition of a Man

Definition of a Man


Definition of A Man, Isha's Destruction of an Empire

Novel written by: Yusuf T. Woods

Genre: Urban/Street Fiction


Isha fell to her knees knowing that he would call again for her even with the sound of his last breath still echoing in her ears. She thought there was no way her hero, husband, child's father and best friend could be gone." But he's so strong." she whispered when nothing came but the reality of his death she yelled. "Soon you will all be deaaadd!!!" The tears streaming down her face and shrills from her cries began to quiet for a brief moment as she uttered, "I define Dro! So Roc without a doubt you will surely meet the definition of a man!' Many chronicles of war are never told, for they are trapped within the minds of the dead men who carried them; but few to none there are some people who are strong enough to pick up where the dead left off to give the definition to what words could no longer explain...Vengeance." Definitions of a Man" picks up right where the Blood of My Brother IV ended with its own spin off Series (New Blood) as Isha plots the Destruction of an Empire.

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