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Legend of Billy D

Legend of Billy D


Legend of Billy D, The Awakening of a Don

Novel written by Author Yusuf T. Woods

Genre: Urban/Street Fiction


The Prequel to Blood of My Brother - The Legend of Billy D takes you to the very beginning of it all; to a time when a real hustler had to earn his respect and maintain his integrity. The playground was Harlem and the start of it was the summer of '76; the only catch was that no one was playing! This story will open your eyes to every single aspect of a man before he can become a Don. Terrance Brown, better known as Billy D, vowed to one day be looked up to by the same men that now looked down upon him. In the end, to him the question wasn t if he would prevail, that was a must. But rather how he would make it... by force, passion, or con. The streets may get bloody at times; but no man has ever become something in life without getting a little or a river on his hands. He became a Legend. He took the streets by force, passion, or con. The rest...will become history!

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