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Unforgivable Blood

Unforgivable Blood


Unforgivable Blood, The Forgotten Secrets of a Family's Ruin

Novel written by Yusuf T. Woods

Genre: Urban Fiction/Murder Mystery


It’s said that no one can truly know who they are until they know what they come from. If so, the secret past of the Patrick family is about to force Amir Patrick to become who he is destined to be. The moment he learns his father had suddenly been murdered... Amir unlike his father has never been a stranger to the mean streets of New York in fact he was a major player in them and anybody that was somebody knew he wasn’t the person to play with. However, he always kept the two sides of his life separated therefore he had no idea who would want his father gone. Searching his brain Amir was certain of only one thing that many were going to die for this action but where to start digging for him was the question…. 

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